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Untitled Draftimghttpsedisonlmsfss3useast2amazonawscomtenant_strartsa2671801dd6242f8b98f2646b9052487_1702879234638_CopyofPink3DWeareHiringInstagramPost1png IntroductionIn the realm of art education the power of connectivity cannot be overstated As we delve into the intricate world of artistic expression the role of networks in fostering opportunities for both teaching and learning becomes apparent This blog aims to unravel the significance of Strarts collaborative network TAHA The Artistic Harmony Alliance where connections are created within the art education community the myriad opportunities are explored when artists educators and learners come together The Foundation of Art NetworksArtistic endeavors thrive in an environment where ideas flow freely and creativity is nurtured Establishing networks within the art education community provides a foundation for such an environment TAHA a such network serve as platforms for teachers to share innovative teaching methodologies discuss challenges and collectively develop solutions Additionally we offer a space for artists to connect with each other creating a supportive community that encourages continuous learning and career growth Professional Development OpportunitiesOne of the primary benefits of art teaching and learning networks is the abundance of professional development opportunities they offer Educators can participate in workshops seminars and conferences organized within the connected networks through TAHA gaining exposure to new techniques trends and pedagogical approaches This continuous exchange of knowledge ensures that art educators stay informed and inspired bringing fresh perspectives into their classroomsFor artists TAHA provide a space to showcase their work receive constructive feedback and collaborate on projects Exposure to diverse artistic styles and practices enhances their skills and broadens their creative horizons Through shared experiences and collective learning artists within TAHA find themselves better equipped to navigate the dynamic landscape of the art world Support and MentorshipWithin the context of art networks the sense of community extends beyond professional development and idea exchange TAHA network often become source of support and mentorship for both novice and experienced individuals in the field New teachers find guidance from seasoned educators learning not only about pedagogy but also about navigating the challenges that come with a career opportunity in art educationFor emerging artists the support and mentorship received within TAHA can be invaluable Constructive feedback shared experiences and mentorship from established artists provide a solid foundation for their artistic journey The connections made within this network often evolve into longlasting relationships that continue to nurture growth and development throughout an artists career Global Perspectives and DiversityArt teaching and learning networks have the power to transcend geographical boundaries providing access to a global community of artists and educators This diversity of perspectives enriches the educational experience by exposing learners to a wide range of cultural influences and artistic traditions It fosters a global mindset preparing students for an interconnected world where cultural fluency is a valuable assetEducators too benefit from this global perspective as they gain insights into teaching methodologies and approaches from different parts of the world and get the opportunities for their art career The exchange of ideas on a global scale promotes the evolution of teaching practices that are adaptable inclusive and responsive to the needs of diverse student populations ConclusionCreating connections within the realm of art teaching and learning is a dynamic and transformative process Through the establishment of TAHA educators and artists alike find themselves part of a community that fuels inspiration encourages collaboration and provides the necessary support for personal and professional growth As Strarts Courseshttpsstrartscourses navigate the everevolving landscape of art education the opportunities that arise from this connections serve as guiding beacons illuminating a path toward a more vibrant and interconnected future for the world of art Register nowhttpsformsgleQ1Uc6njb4KXr8RPg8 in TAHA for free and explore the art worldTo make sure you dont miss out on any updates upcoming performances or exciting opportunities we invite you to join our WhatsApp channelhttpswhatsappcomchannel0029VaG1gEQHVvTZxBRVf11bWe believe that art has the power to inspire and transform lives Help us grow this artistic haven by sharing TAHA with your friends family and fellow art enthusiasts Together lets create a community where passion and creativitythriveUntitled Draftimghttpsedisonlmsfss3useast2amazonawscomtenant_strartsa2671801dd6242f8b98f2646b9052487_1702879234638_Pink3DWeareHiringInstagramPost1png

Dec 18, 2023 · 4 mins read

Vazhuvoor Bharatanatyam Style and Melattur Bharatanatyam Style: A Comparative Exploration

_Bharatanatyam one of the most revered classical dance forms of India has a rich and diverse history It has evolved into various_ regional styleshttpsyoutubecomshortsMrWlmEY_lFsfeatureshared each with its unique characteristics and artistic expression Two prominent styles that have captured the hearts of dance enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike are the Vazhuvoor and Melattur styles of BharatanatyamIn this comprehensive exploration we will delve deep into the intricacies historical backgrounds techniques and distinctive features of both Vazhuvoor and Melattur Bharatanatyam styles shedding light on what makes each style so captivatingUntitled Draftimghttpsedisonlmsfss3useast2amazonawscomtenant_strarts07e27bee396d4de983cd5fce6a67bbdf_1696583461451_PRVN6588jpg The Origins and Legacy of Vazhuvoor Bharatanatyam StyleVazhuvoor a picturesque village in Tamil Nadu has been a cradle of Bharatanatyam excellence for generations The Vazhuvoor style is renowned for its distinctive attributes which set it apart within the realm of this classical dance form1 Graceful MovementsOne of the hallmark features of the Vazhuvoor style is its emphasis on graceful movements Dancers in this style are known for their fluid and elegant gestures that create a lyrical quality in their performances The dance movements seem to flow effortlessly captivating the audience with their beauty and poise2 Balanced Abhinaya and NrittaBharatanatyam comprises two essential elements Abhinaya expressive aspect and Nritta rhythmic pure dance In the Vazhuvoor style these elements are beautifully balanced While the dance incorporates intricate footwork and rhythmic patterns Nritta it seamlessly integrates expressive storytelling Abhinaya into the choreography This equilibrium results in a wellrounded and engaging performance3 Intricate Footwork and AdavusThe foundation of Bharatanatyam lies in its basic steps and movements called adavus Vazhuvoor is known for its emphasis on these adavus which are executed with precision and finesse The intricate footwork and rhythmic patterns in this style contribute to its distinctive appeal The Historical Significance of Melattur Bharatanatyam StyleMelattur another village in Tamil Nadu has its unique place in the world of Bharatanatyam characterized by its rich history and artistic innovations1 Emphasis on AbhinayaIn contrast to the Vazhuvoor style the Melattur style places a significant emphasis on Abhinaya the expressive aspect of Bharatanatyam Dancers in this style are known for their ability to convey intricate emotions and narratives through their facial expressions hand gestures and body movements This emphasis on Abhinaya makes Melattur performances particularly captivating and emotionally resonant2 Unique ChoreographyMelattur Bharatanatyam is celebrated for its distinctive choreography Dancers often incorporate creative and innovative movements into their performances making it stand out from other styles The choreography in Melattur style often draws from classical literature and folklore bringing timeless stories to life on stage3 Influence of Bhagavata MelaThe Melattur style of Bharatanatyam has a close association with the Bhagavata Mela tradition Bhagavata Mela is a unique form of traditional theater that blends music dance and drama to narrate stories from Hindu mythology This influence enriches the Melattur style with a deep connection to ancient storytelling traditionsUntitled Draftimghttpsedisonlmsfss3useast2amazonawscomtenant_strarts07e27bee396d4de983cd5fce6a67bbdf_1696583461451_PRVN6719jpg A Comparative Study Vazhuvoor vs Melattur BharatanatyamNow that we have explored the individual characteristics of Vazhuvoor and Melattur styles lets undertake a comparative study to understand the differences and similarities between these two captivating traditions1 Expression vs Technique Vazhuvoor This style leans towards graceful movements and technical precision While Abhinaya expressive aspect is an integral part of Vazhuvoor it is harmoniously balanced with the Nritta pure dance elements Dancers in this style excel in precise footwork and rhythmic patterns Melattur In contrast Melattur places a greater emphasis on Abhinaya making it more expressive and emotionally charged While the technical aspects are not overlooked the primary focus here is on conveying intricate emotions and narratives through the dance 2 Costumes and Makeup Vazhuvoor Dancers in the Vazhuvoor style typically opt for simpler costumes and makeup The emphasis is on purity of movement and elegance The costumes are characterized by clean lines and minimalistic jewelry allowing the dance to take center stage Melattur Melattur dancers may use more intricate makeup and attire to enhance their expressiveness Elaborate costumes vibrant colors and detailed jewelry are often employed to complement the storytelling and emotional depth of the performances 3 Musical Traditions Vazhuvoor Vazhuvoor Bharatanatyam is often accompanied by traditional Carnatic music which is known for its complex rhythms and melodic patterns The music serves as a strong foundation for the dance enhancing the overall experience Melattur The Melattur style may incorporate elements of the Bhagavata Mela tradition into its music This can include unique musical compositions and instruments that are specific to this style adding a distinct flavor to the performances Appreciating Diversity Within BharatanatyamThe diversity within Bharatanatyam styles as exemplified by Vazhuvoor and Melattur is particularly appealing to NRIs who seek to explore the art form comprehensively Through online lessons they can choose to specialize in one style or embrace the opportunity to learn and appreciate the unique facets of both This diversity mirrors the cultural tapestry of the NRI community allowing them to connect with their roots and express their heritage through danceMoreover the comparative study between Vazhuvoor and Melattur styles provides NRIs with valuable insights into the nuances of Bharatanatyam They can gain a deep understanding of how the emphasis on technique and expression varies between these two styles and this knowledge enriches their dance journeyAs NRIs learn Bharatanatyam online they also become ambassadors of this art form sharing its beauty and cultural significance with their local communities This cultural exchange fosters a greater appreciation for the art form globally contributing to its continued relevance and growthVazhuvoor and Melattur Bharatanatyam styles represent two distinct yet equally captivating expressions of this classical dance form Vazhuvoors graceful movements and technical precision harmonize with its balanced approach to Abhinaya and Nritta In contrast Melatturs emphasis on Abhinaya and unique choreography creates emotionally resonant and innovative performances Both styles contribute to the rich tapestry of Bharatanatyam showcasing the art forms ability to evolve adapt and continue captivating audiences worldwideUntitled Draftimghttpsedisonlmsfss3useast2amazonawscomtenant_strarts07e27bee396d4de983cd5fce6a67bbdf_1696583461451_PRVN6672jpgDiscover the traditional art of Bharatanatyam dance with Strarts courses Experience the convenience of learning this timeless art form online by joining us for a free trial classhttpsstrartscourses With Strarts you can embark on your artistic journey from anywhere in the world at any time that suits your schedule which makes us step high from others by our strartists viewhttpsyoutubeOI1o3QIGkfeatureshared Our online platform is designed to nurture the artist within you and provide you with the tools guidance and expertise needed to grow and excel in Bharatanatyam Also explore our blog to delve deeper into the world of Bharatanatyam and discover the significance of the initial celebrative step the Salangai Poojahttpsstrartscoursesbloguntitleddraftul4b0r5jtp5g Gain insights into the rituals symbolism and cultural importance of this beautiful tradition that marks the beginning of a dancers journey in Bharatanatyam Join Strarts and let your passion for dance flourish in the digital realm

Oct 6, 2023 · 6 mins read

Harmonic Fusion: Bridging Traditional Carnatic Music and Trendy Melodies

In the vast world of music the collision of traditional melodies with modern beats brings about an enchanting harmony that transcends time and genre The fusion of classical Carnatic music and contemporary trends represents a thrilling convergence of cultures and sounds This melding not only preserves the legacy of classical heritage but also revitalizes it for new generationsThe Intersection of Tradition and TrendTraditional Carnatic music and modern trends might seem like parallel universes However the intersection of these two seemingly distinct musical realms has paved the way for a harmonious coexistence The fusion of intricate Carnatic rhythms and scales with the catchy hooks and electronic elements of modern music has resulted in a refreshing and captivating hybrid soundUntitled Draftimghttpsedisonlmsfss3useast2amazonawscomtenant_strarts2ec799e170eb456e89dac61eb17a540c_1692784112246_blogmusic2jpgThe beauty of this fusion lies in its ability to appeal to a diverse audienceboth the purists who revere the classical heritage and the enthusiasts of modern trends Through this fusion traditional Carnatic compositions find new life transformed into something that is both familiar and excitingInnovative CollaborationsOne of the driving forces behind the fusion of traditional Carnatic music and trendy melodies is the collaborative spirit between artists from varied musical backgrounds Classical Carnatic vocalists instrumentalists and percussionists join forces with contemporary singers DJs and producers This exchange of talents and ideas brings a dynamic synergy to the music resulting in a rich tapestry of sound that marries the best of both worldsThese collaborations serve as a bridge between generations and genres allowing artists to experiment learn and evolve The traditionalists gain exposure to contemporary production techniques and arrangements while modern musicians are introduced to the complex ragas and tala patterns that define Carnatic music Witness the remarkable performancehttpsyoutubecomshortsZnFvwzf5a0cfeatureshare of 5yearold Vasuki who has been trained by our esteemed teacher Mrs Ranjitha as she beautifully sings a devotional Shivan songRaga in the GrooveCentral to the charm of Carnatic music is its intricate system of ragas each evoking unique emotions and moods In the fusion with trendy melodies these ragas find themselves interwoven with modern arrangements creating a mesmerizing blend that resonates on multiple levelsThe fusion doesnt dilute the essence of the ragas rather it breathes new life into them The amalgamation of classical scales with modern chord progressions and electronic elements adds depth and complexity to the compositions The result is a musical experience that traverses the boundaries of time offering both the comfort of familiarity and the excitement of the unknownTrendy Elements Enhancing TraditionThe infusion of trendy elements into traditional compositions doesnt dilute their cultural value instead it enhances and amplifies their impact The addition of electronic beats synthesizers and contemporary vocal techniques adds a layer of vibrancy to classic Carnatic tunesThis infusion breathes new energy into compositions that have stood the test of time While the melodies remain rooted in tradition the incorporation of modern elements ensures that they continue to resonate with contemporary audiences Its a delicate balance where innovation doesnt compromise authenticity but rather contributes to the evolution of the art formResonating with New AudiencesThe fusion of traditional Carnatic music with trendy melodies serves as a musical bridge that connects different generations and cultural backgrounds The catchy rhythms and familiar sounds of contemporary music attract younger listeners who might not have been initially drawn to classical musicAs these listeners explore the fusion they are introduced to the captivating nuances of Carnatic melodies This exposure often piques their interest leading them to delve deeper into the classical genre This intergenerational and crosscultural exchange ensures the continuity of classical traditions while adapting them to modern sensibilitiesPreserving Cultural IdentityUntitled Draftimghttpsedisonlmsfss3useast2amazonawscomtenant_strarts2ec799e170eb456e89dac61eb17a540c_1692784112246_blogmusic3jpgCritics of fusion sometimes express concern about the dilution of cultural authenticity However when approached with respect and understanding fusion serves as a powerful tool for preserving and celebrating cultural identityAs Indians continue to explore opportunities abroad for various reasons their ties to the rich heritage of Indian classical music remain steadfast Despite the geographical distance the diaspora of NonResident Indians maintains a deep connection to the roots of Indian cultural traditions including its intricate classical music This unwavering bond is often reflected in the way NRIs are actively paving the way for their children to learn and appreciate Indian art forms even from afar through Strartscourses With the advent of online platforms NRIs are seizing the opportunity to bridge the gap between continents and generations ensuring that their children inherit the legacy of Indian music by learning online carnatic vocals and veena online Through virtual classes and digital resources these parents are nurturing the next generation of musicians fostering a global community that cherishes and perpetuates the captivating melodies of Indian classical music Strarts courses are glad in providing online Carnatic music to NRI children Experience the incredible talent of our strartist Dhanvi from Sweden as she serenades us with the mesmerizing Janta VarisaihttpsyoutubenHSviphTJ8wThe fusion of traditional Carnatic music and trendy melodies doesnt erase the rich heritage of Carnatic music rather it reinterprets it in a contemporary context This evolution doesnt diminish the importance of the traditional form but emphasizes its adaptability and timelessness The fusion serves as a testament to the enduring appeal of Carnatic music and its ability to transcend cultural and temporal boundariesThrough innovative collaborations the infusion of trendy elements and the dynamic blending of ragas and rhythms a harmonious convergence emerges This fusion celebrates the versatility of music proving that when different genres harmonize something beautiful and transcendent is bornThe fusion doesnt erase the past it enriches it Traditional Carnatic melodies find new life and relevance appealing to a broader audience while maintaining their timeless essence The fusion reminds us that music at its core is a universal language that speaks to the heart regardless of cultural or generational differencesUntitled Draftimghttpsedisonlmsfss3useast2amazonawscomtenant_strarts2ec799e170eb456e89dac61eb17a540c_1692784112246_blogmusicjpegAs we immerse ourselves in the harmonies and rhythms of this fusion we witness the power of music to forge connections evoke emotions and create a sense of unity Its a reminder that in the world of music possibilities are endless and when tradition and trend coalesce a symphony of beauty emerges Experience them with Strarts by enrolling in online carnatic music and online keyboard classesStrarts brings the magic of music right into your home providing your child with the opportunity to delve into their artistic talents gain selfassurance and wholeheartedly embrace their love for music Gone are the days when dreams were limited by distance or logistical obstacles Secure a free trialhttpsstrartscourses today and become a part of our dynamic community of young strartists setting off on an extraordinary adventure that will leave an everlasting impact inspiring and empowering your child for years to come Infuse your childrens lives with the enchantment of music through Strarts online music class and unlock the gateway to their boundless creative exploration By offering oneonone attention constructive feedbackhttpsyoutubeOI1o3QIGk and curriculum tailored to their needs we guarantee that every child receives the personalized guidance required to excel

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Embrace the Artistry: Salangai Poojai with Strarts — Unleashing Your Child’s Potential!

Salangai Poojai a cherished tradition in Bharatanatyam unveils a world of enchantment and devotion This captivating ceremony marks a significant milestone in a dancers journey symbolizing the initiation into the art form Lets embark on a rhythmic exploration of the mesmerizing Salangai Poojai as we delve into its rituals significance and the transformative power it holdsimagehttpsedisonlmsfss3useast2amazonawscomtenant_strartsWhatsApp_Image_20230711_at_43419_PMjpegUpholding Dance Discipline The Salangai Poojai marks a significant milestone in a dancers journey It symbolizes their commitment to the rigorous discipline of Bharatanatyam Through years of dedicated practice and training dancers cultivate a deep understanding of the art forms intricacies including precise footwork graceful hand gestures and expressive facial expressions The Salangai Poojai serves as a testament to their unwavering dedication and mastery of dance disciplineOvercoming Stage Fear Stepping onto the stage can be an intimidating experience even for the most talented dancers The Salangai Poojai provides a valuable opportunity for dancers to conquer their stage fear By performing in front of an audience they learn to channel their nerves into focused energy delivering a captivating and confident performance Over time this experience builds resilience preparing dancers to thrive in future performances and face any challenges that may come their wayBoosting SelfConfidence The Salangai Poojai acts as a catalyst for boosting selfconfidence in aspiring dancers As they showcase their skills and artistic expression they receive validation and appreciation from the audience This positive reinforcement nurtures their belief in their abilities instills a sense of accomplishment and encourages them to explore new boundaries in their dance journey The experience of performing in the Salangai Poojai empowers dancers to embrace their unique talents and pursue excellenceWatch the performance of Salangai Poojai of strarts kidshttpswwwyoutubecomwatchvdxXA1bU7rhkBeing one of the gracious yet strict Indian art forms following it right with steady progress will make a longlasting dancerWhen it comes to nurturing your childs artistic talent why limit their potential At Strarts we bring the essence of Salangai Poojai right to your doorstep empowering your child to embark on a transformative dance journey With our unique approach to online learning your child can experience the joy of Bharatanatyam witness incredible Salangai Poojai performances by our talented students and take the first step towards a lifetime of artistic expressionConvenience and Accessibility With Strarts your child can learn Bharatanatyam from expert instructors accessing topnotch dance education from the comfort of your living room No more commuting or scheduling conflicts everything you need is just a few clicks away Empower your child with the flexibility to pursue their passion without compromising their other commitmentsUnleashing Talent and Potential Our Salangai Poojai performances by Strarts kids are a testament to the incredible talent and potential that can be nurtured through online learning Witness the mesmerizing performances of our students who have honed their skills developed their artistry and conquered the stage all while learning from home These young dancers exemplify the limitless possibilities when passion dedication and expert guidance convergeExpert Guidance and Artistic Development Our experienced instructors at Strarts are passionate about nurturing young talent and guiding them towards artistic excellence Through personalized attention feedbackhttpswwwyoutubecomwatchvOI1o3QIGkfeatureyoutube and tailored curriculum we ensure that every child receives the guidance they need to thrive From developing critical thinking skills to enhancing rhythmic sense and artistic expression our instructors are dedicated to shaping wellrounded dancers who embody the true spirit of BharatanatyamThreka Shan Jul 10 2023With Strarts the world of dance comes alive in your home enabling your child to explore their artistic potential build confidence and embrace their passion for Bharatanatyam Dont let distance or logistics limit their dreams Book a free trial todayhttpsstrartscourses and unlock the magic of Salangai Poojai where stage performances and artistic growth converge seamlessly with the comfort of learning at home Join our vibrant community of young dancers and embark on a remarkable journey that will inspire and empower your child for a lifetime

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Breaking the myth of Araimandi in classical dance Bharatanatyam

Bharatanatyam is one of the oldest Indian art forms and is known for its grace emotions body stability nritta and core strength of ones body with a beautiful araimandi What is not known is the back pain knee pain and shoulder pain which we claim to be side effects of longterm dancingimagehttpsedisonlmsfss3useast2amazonawscomtenant_strarts1_iQTXrLR4APY7hlTj37DWQwebpNo it is not Let us look deep into the most fundamental posture ARAIMANDI Araimandi halfsit is the first and foremost posture to build stability It takes core strength and stamina A perfect araimandi posture which every Bharatanatyam dancer aims for is a straight line foot with wide knees and back straight to get the perfect diamond below the hipsA good reason we know for the bad knees in dancing is hunching front putting weight on the knees and weight gain but the real reason is not every human can be the same Aramandi requires body core strength and flexibility of the torso For attaining straight line feet twisting the ankles where the knees face front will result in bad ankles Bharatanatyam classes which we used to are dance dance and dance where the actuality is a warmup dance and cool downTwisting the foot by opening the knees from the hips torso where the knees and the index of the toes are falling straight with the natural spine is also a correct posture of the araimandiimagehttpsedisonlmsfss3useast2amazonawscomtenant_strarts1_ntkqkSfp358HKJ7rQGjhAwebpIn the long process of attaining the posture we dehumanise what our body can do and can not At least 70 of the dancers claim to have bad knees and lower back ending in surgery or quitting dance The evolution of edtech platforms and bharatanatyam courses with a curriculum of warmups and cardio in every class is a good sign in the world of BharatanatyamBeing one of the gracious yet strict Indian art forms following it right with steady progress will make a longlasting dancerEvery class structure of strarts is to start with warmups dance and cool down Here are a few strartscourses children performing araimandiAt Strarts we understand the importance of practice in learning Carnatic music Thats why we offer classes in our app which allows students to learn online live practice and revise their lessons at their own pace and on their own schedule Our platform also includes regular tests and graded exams to help students track their progress and stay motivated in their studies Our platform is designed to be userfriendly and intuitive making it easy for students of all ages to navigate and useWe invite you to register for a free trial class on our platform Our trial class will give you a taste of our teaching methods and help you decide if Strarts is the right platform for your musical education Were committed to providing our students with the best possible education and helping them to develop a love and appreciation for Carnatic music Artem Gracias

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Extracurricular activities is taking an extra mile in every individual.

With the busy schedules of the present school kids and the parents its typical to get a mind that an extracurricular activity is an extra burden for the kids as well as for the parents Dwelling on thisExtracurricular activities are when a kid builds a particular interest other than academics It opens up a new world for the young roots to have a touch outside their 84 school and house atmosphereExtracurricular activities is taking an extra mile in every individualimghttpsedisonlmsfss3useast2amazonawscomtenant_strarts40102a5aaa4e46dc95ffe482b3dd6f87_1692010498678_1_p3y_G4vXjnrkN0tW9yZzEQ_7JkC5F5pngHow exactly does an extracurricular activity help in boosting a childExtracurriculars can be any specific interest like dance music theatre acting calligraphy drawing sports games instruments standup comedy and whatnot All these build flexibility in the mind to think and execute better and the same with physical flexibility We generally know that extracurriculars build selfconfidence creative thinking persistence and consistency in a process sportive nature teamwork community development many more Despite knowing these for centuries we brush them off and run towards a job which in turn needs the above qualities to thrive and flourish as a personExtracurricular activities is taking an extra mile in every individualimghttpsedisonlmsfss3useast2amazonawscomtenant_strarts40102a5aaa4e46dc95ffe482b3dd6f87_1692010498678_1bpngArt education plays an essential role in everyone taking the extra mile Learning an art form develops multiple intelligence in a child shaping them for the best With appreciating some schools that provide inschool activities a parent needs to see whether the kid gets balanced exposure to the outer worldstrarts courses provide personalised live online classes with a multitude of art forms Learn anywhere anytime by booking a free trial One of our parents testimonials about the difference she noticed in her kid Kedhareswar before and after learning an art formhttpsyoutubeaRE6prYjXz4httpsyoutubeaRE6prYjXz4ARTEM GRACIAS

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How to Learn Carnatic Music : Tips and Strategies for Beginners

Carnatic music is a genre of Indian classical music that has been cherished and preserved for centuries Its distinct melodies intricate rhythms and expressive vocal techniques make it a beloved art form that has attracted music lovers from all around the world Learning Carnatic music at a young age is a wonderful way to introduce kids to the rich cultural heritage of India and develop their musical abilities Here are some benefits of learning Carnatic music for kids and tips on how to get startedimagehttpsedisonlmsfss3useast2amazonawscomtenant_strarts1_LLwHJkybk2WM2IzzuG367QwebpBenefits of Learning Carnatic Music for Kids1 Improves Cognitive Abilities Learning Carnatic music involves memorization attention to detail and mental agility which can improve cognitive abilities such as memory focus and problemsolving skills 2 Develops Musical Abilities Learning Carnatic music involves developing an ear for pitch rhythm and melody which can help kids to develop their musical abilities and appreciate music in general 3 Enhances Creativity Carnatic music is a highly improvisational art form which encourages creativity and selfexpression Kids can explore their own musical ideas and develop their own unique style 4 Boosts Confidence Learning and performing Carnatic music can be a great confidence booster for kids helping them to overcome stage fright and build selfesteem 5 Promotes Cultural Awareness Learning Carnatic music can also introduce kids to the rich cultural heritage of India and develop an appreciation for the diversity of the worlds cultures Tips for Learning Carnatic Music for Kids1 Find a Good Teacher Its important to find a good teacher who can provide a structured and comprehensive approach to learning Carnatic music Look for teachers who are experienced patient and can tailor their teaching methods to your childs learning style 2 Start with the Basics Carnatic music has a complex system of ragas talas and gamakas Start with the basics and build a strong foundation of the fundamental concepts such as swaras notes sruthi pitch and layam rhythm 3 Practice Regularly Consistent practice is key to developing musical abilities Encourage your child to practice regularly even if its just for a few minutes each day 4 Listen to Carnatic Music Listening to Carnatic music can help kids to develop an ear for the genre and understand its nuances Encourage your child to listen to different artists and explore the diverse range of compositions within Carnatic music Learning Carnatic music for kids can be a wonderful way to introduce them to a rich cultural tradition and develop their musical abilities With the right teacher dedication and practice kids can learn to appreciate the beauty of this ancient art form and develop their own unique musical styleStrarts courses takes pride in offering the highest quality Carnatic music education to students of all ages and skill levels Our platform is dedicated to providing a comprehensive and personalized learning experience that is tailored to each students individual needs and preferenceshttpsyoutubecomshortsZnFvwzf5a0cfeaturesharehttpsyoutubecomshortsZnFvwzf5a0cfeatureshareShivarathi performance video by 5 year old VasukiWe believe that the quality of our teachers is a key factor in providing a topnotch education to our students Thats why we only hire professional degreeholding teachers who have extensive experience in teaching Carnatic music to students Our teachers are passionate about sharing their love for music with their students and providing them with the guidance and support they need to excel in their musical journeyAt Strarts we understand the importance of practice in learning Carnatic music Thats why we offer classes in our app which allows students to learn online live practice and revise their lessons at their own pace and on their own schedule Our platform also includes regular tests and graded exams to help students track their progress and stay motivated in their studies Our platform is designed to be userfriendly and intuitive making it easy for students of all ages to navigate and useVicky Sivakumar July 20 2020We invite you to register for a free trial class on our platform Our trial class will give you a taste of our teaching methods and help you decide if Strarts is the right platform for your musical education Were committed to providing our students with the best possible education and helping them to develop a love and appreciation for Carnatic music Artem Gracias

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The ‘Crazy’ Factor - A deep dive into a legend's life

How good Crazy goodScreenwriting is an art that happens to be the structural component required to produce a visual representation of a story It could be considered as the tool that revolutionized the art of storytelling An aspect with so much gravity over it sadly is a forgotten piece of craft in todays world of cinema in terms of quality But that is a grieving topic for another day This piece is meant to be a collective realization of the work of an extravagant talent house Mohan Rangachari aka Crazy MohanBefore the inception of Crazy Mohan the comedic narrative in a full feature film had just been a supplementary track aiding the main storyline to progress in a pace that wouldnt overwhelm the audience This was predominantly the case with a few exceptions of course One legendary example who churned out fullfledged comedy movies on mainstream cinema was KBalachander From the likes of Server Sundaram Thillu Mullu and Bama Vijayam Balachander broke the standard norms of mainstream cinema with his offbeat storytelling nuances Even though the aforementioned movies are thought to be cult classics in this specific genre Crazy Mohans comedy seems to sometimes to be on par or sometimes overshadow these classics with almost each of his work The necessity to mention KBalachanders work here is because of Mohans subsequent collaborations with him marking his debut into feature filmsThe Crazy Factor A deep dive into a legends lifeimghttpsedisonlmsfss3useast2amazonawscomtenant_strarts14a9d62aa3164d878536de7d1225f922_1692010631956_unnamed_21pngWhy was his comedy so special that it has transcended for so long overcoming various changes in trends To analyse and truly understand Crazy Mohan it is necessary to have watched the theatrical dramas that he created before and after walking into the cinema industry Mohans work could very easily be identified as it fits a pattern and always has a repetitive styled content but weirdly not monotonous His comedic writing has evolved from three abstractions The Overstatement and Style shiftThe Overstatement is essentially a technique where comedy could be induced by exaggerating a meagre subject and enticing the audience for something larger than what the issue already is When the beat drops the resulting product is much less than what was expected thereby mocking the subject In Chinna Vaathiyaar a miraculous combination of Crazy Mohan and Goundamani a scene where marital arrangements are made with the brides father who is supposedly deaf says Enna Thirupathi ngraaru in response to Goundamanis Unakku Dhripthi thane With the annoyance of the deaf person Goundamani hilariously agrees to each of his nonsensical statementsChinna VaathiyaarStyle Shift for me is the most ingenious presentative style that works incredibly well with Crazy Mohans witty wordplay Almost every technique employed works spectacularly well because of his way with words In the scene mentioned below in reply to Nageshs question of Epudi sirichikute solringa Kamal instantly shifts his narrative style from a happy mood to a solemn and weepy mood explaining Veliya thaan mama sirichitu iruken anaa ulla aluthutu than iruken By changing the speakers style of speech and his emotion from happy to sad is exactly what a style shift technique offersPanchathanthiramAnother important tool Crazy Mohan had at his disposal was another prodigal talent Kamal Hasan Kamal was able to deliver the scriptural wonders in front of the cameras to the fullest potential Notice how every celebratory article or video on Crazy Mohan never fails to talk about Kamal It is because their combo was and probably still is undisputedly one of the funniest in India Their consistency they provided to the audience with each of their movies was almost impossible to recreate and yet they didTo name a few Sathileelavathi and Kaadhala Kaadahla are my personal favourites that the combo produced Certain scenes in Kaadhala Kaadhala where the chaos mounts too much to comprehend and yet the sarcastic oneliners and constant word plays keep flowing like a river that never goes dry Very few movies could actually attain that level of rewatchability Almost as much as how FRIENDS or The Office has attained a level in peoples hearts that its being watched over every meal in their homes it is safe to assume that Tamil people definitely love Panchathanthiram or Vasool Raja MBBS as much as they love the western sitcomsThere never couldve been a too much of Crazy Mohan narrative ever But everyone has to succumb to natures grip and sadly Crazy too passed away leaving behind his legacy that forever changed Tamil cinema as we know itIf you are looking to learn Theater Acting strartscourses provides an online platform with Professional Art Instructors to learn the Art form at an affordable price Also learn Bharatanatyam Creative Writing Drawing Carnatic Music Guitar Keyboard Veena Calligraphy in our versatile platform Affordability Quality and EaseofAccess is our MantraTyrion Maximus August 9 2020Take a Trial Classhttpsstrartscourses today to join the growing family of Strartists as we explore and bring Art Education to the new Millennium

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Carnatic Music, Coffee and Theater Delving deeper into the connection with Ragas

We have all had the experience of sinking a little deeper into our seats in the movie theater and taken a deep breath while our hands paused midway and onto the armrest while reaching for popcorn when the opening notes of a heavy gripping and intense number wafted through the air and slithered into our ears We instantly knew what to expect next We also knew to ease ourselves a little bit sit upright and grace our nextseat stranger with a flickering smile of familiarity when the feelgood thrum of notes hit us at that threequarter breakpoint where the movie officially gave us the all is well signalBhavana Venkatasubramanian September 9 2020Well what defines intense What makes a song feelgood What blazed through the genius mind and senses of the music director when he was explained the scene What is it that opens up the freeway for us to subconsciously appreciate and adore and fear and tear so intensely while still feeling so blissful about itCarnatic Music Coffee and Theater Delving deeper into the connection with Ragasimghttpsedisonlmsfss3useast2amazonawscomtenant_strartsf7eb478fc8a44aecbb25beaf0509e988_1692010721708_unnamed_1pngLet me elucidate using a composition by The Musical Maestro Ilayaraaja Sir from the movie Kaadhal Oviyam Painting of Love an intense love story from the 1980s era that attempts to bring to life the vow Till death do us part Picture a blind and orphaned protagonist who also cant afford a roof over his head and hence resorts to seeking refuge at a temple and finding purpose by rendering musical hymns in gratitude of the local deity He is starcrossed in love with a maiden who frequents the temple as a devotee who ends up being forced secretly into marrying a rich and influential groom Meanwhile our protagonist miraculously gets his vision restored and grows to become a popular musician He unwittingly performs before his lost love at a ceremony headed by none other than her spouse And then pans out this song Sangeeta Jaadhi Mullai portraying the complex train of emotions upon the protagonist being hit by the truth from recognition to angst to agony and then mortal surrender when he ultimately succumbs at her feet Such profound poignancy is brought to life by The Maestro by his clever use of the Raga or musical framework Revati What is so unique about Revati in this context one may wonder and what on earth is a musical framework one may also wonderThe notes of the Raga Revati are aptly spaced out to make room for dramatic glides that lend a sense of profoundness to it To elaborate Revati is a pentatonic or AudavaAudava Raga which simply means that any composition following its rules is allowed to harness at most five out of the seven fundamental notes or Swaras in both ascent and descent In addition The Swara Sthaanas or note positions of these defining notes in the standard band of frequencies also plays a role in deciding the mood or flavor of the Raga and ultimately the compositionLet us imagine coffee we have the regular Cappuccino Substitute some coffee with some milk we get the Latte Do the opposite we get the Espresso Dilute the Espresso we get the Americano Once our basic beverage is ready we could add a touch of layering with some milk to get a Macchiato or we could create a sugarrush with cream and caramel sauce whipping up a Frappuccino The possibilities are endless This is exactly how the Raga system works The basic ingredientsmilk cream sugar and coffee are the fundamental notes or Swaras They can have a limited set of variants like lowfat soybased palmsourced canesourced and so on ranging on a scale of say skinny to rich akin to Swara Sthaanas The basic beverage based out of the ingredients and their relative influence on the flavor of the beverage is the framework or Raga The Ragas are standard templates that are picked up by baristas that get creative and come up with the Vanilla Bean Frappuccino the Caramel Apple Spice Latte the Skinny Mocha and what notAs one would expect the Raga Revati has its Swaras handpicked from the lower and middle ranges of the frequency spectrum thus paving way for the pathos stillness and devotion to be conveyed by compositions improvising this framework It is of no wonder now to note that the Raga Revati has been commonly used in the composition of religious hymns or prayers the most wellknown being Bho Shambho of Swami Dayananda Saraswati popularized by renditions of artistes both legendary and rising such as MS Viswanathan and Vijay Prakash to name a fewA contrasting Raga would be Amrita Varshini known for compositions such as Thoongaadha Vizhigal Rendu from Agni Nakshatram rendered by KJ Yesudas that portrays the heights of blissful anticipation between lovers The Raga is aptly named as the one who showers Amrita the elixir of immortality This Raga unlike Revati has all of its Swaras or notes perched up the frequency palette lending it an exuberant and optimistic mood But then it also has wide gaps between the frequencies of the Swaras on its scale thus making it dramatic just like RevatiAnother interesting quirk about Amrita Varshini is its association with rain and the monsoon The energy of this Raga is said to be so brilliant that legend claims it to bring down torrential showers It is said that while visiting Ettayapuram a small village in Tamil Nadu the great composer Muthuswamy Dikshitar was anguished to see the droughthit arid land and parched people Moved by their plight Dikshitar looked up to the sky and burst forth in praise of the goddess Devi in this Raga He called out to the Devi to bring rain and alleviate the plight of the droughthit people He addressed the Devi as Anandamritakarshini Amritavarshini When he sang Salilam Varshaya Varshaya meaning let the rain pour it is said that the sky opened up There was such an outrageous shower that the place got flooded He then had to plead Sthambhaya Sthambhaya meaning stop stop This bizarre belief still holds good in the modern times as proven by late Carnatic violinist Kunnakudi Vaidyanathan in 1982 when he played Raga Amrita Varshini in a public gathering to bring down rains in Madras Chennai at the behest of MG Ramachandran the Chief Minister of the State at the time and miraculously succeeded in his goal Several monsoonflavoured compositions in the Raga and its counterparts in the Hindustani North Indian system of music such as the classic Bole Re Papeehara from Guddi in 1971 and parts of the evergreen Ghanan Ghanan from Lagaan in 2001 also stand testimony to this beliefAnother differently flavored Raga is Ananda Bhairavi It is a breezy raga as opposed to the aforementioned dramatic ones The name Ananda Bhairavi roughly translates to Goddess who bestows happiness and the Raga itself has been proven to reduce high bloodpressure levels promote mental stability and even cure depression Popular numbers based on this Raga include a range of compositions of The Musical Prodigy AR Rahman such as the divinely peaceful Anbendra Mazhayiley from Minsaara Kanavu in 1997 and the gently flowing Nadhiye Nadhiye from Rhythm in 2000 Another notable hit is the soothingly romantic Paartha Mudhal Naaley by Harris Jayaraj from Vettaiyaadu Vilayaadu in 2006 The soothing nature of this Raga is attributed to the closely spaced Swaras that majorly fall in the midrange of the frequency paletteSimilarly if we add different Swaras and portray them with different oscillations we get a new emotion or Raga to tell our story with Simple isnt it Of course but yes it gets a lot more challenging and interesting with the sheer variety and as we delve deeper to produce more complex and specific emotions Add to that the possibility of bending rules and blending musical genres and the world of music is nothing but a KaleidoscopeIf you are looking to learn Carnatic Music strartscourses provides an online platform with Professional Art Instructors to learn the Art form at an affordable price Also learn Bharatanatyam Creative Writing Drawing Theater Acting Guitar Keyboard Veena Calligraphy in our versatile platform Affordability Quality and EaseofAccess is our MantraTake a Trial Classhttpsstrartscourses today to join the growing family of Strartists as we explore and bring Art Education to the new Millennium

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The Creative works of Strartists : A list of favorite books

Hey there Thank you for poking your nose into our fun creative space where our imaginative Strartists like to broadcast their opinions tips tricks funny tidbits and whatnot If you are looking for a list of books to cruise through your weekend look no further Here are five brilliant minds talking about their favorite booksShraddha RameshkumarJeyabalan and Rachana Reji October 17 2020Mr Fantastic FoxWritten By Roald DahlThe Creative works of Strartists A list of favorite booksimghttpsedisonlmsfss3useast2amazonawscomtenant_strartscab4f12683424e62be151d3b0c1ff97a_1692010942243_unnamedjpgIntroductionI like this book because its very fun to read Roald Dahl described more about the characters and the emotions First he talked about 3 farmers Boggis Bunce and Bean and elaborated more about what they like to do and what they like to eat Chapterwise it was very precise and it was really interesting I was very curious to find out what happened next in the book When I read this book it made me imagine the scenes in my headAfter reading chapter by chapter I got absorbed in the book The words were very easy to read He talked more about what the characters were doing and how they were feeling at the moment Although it was a really long book I enjoyed reading it very much He has included all the small details in his writing Thats why I liked the book I am very fascinated by Roald Dahls creativity It was really a fun reading experience for meThe Creative works of Strartists A list of favorite booksimghttpsedisonlmsfss3useast2amazonawscomtenant_strartscab4f12683424e62be151d3b0c1ff97a_1692010942243_unnamed_1jpgThe AuthorSomeday I would like to be like Roald Dahl It just intrigues me The book was very captivating and eyecatching just at one glance He used a lot of bold phrases His vision for word usage is very excellent I like Roald Dahl from all his books I thought Mr Fantastic Fox was one of his best books so far I also learned new words throughout the book These are the reasons why I chose this book in particular I think this book is certified to be wellknown worldwideCharactersAccording to the story Roald Dahl mentioned that Mr Fantastic Fox always secretly stole all three farmers food When the farmers heard about Mr Fox stealing their food they were very frustrated The three farmers decided to catch Mr Fox redhanded But no one could fool Mr Fox He had really good sniffing powers He could also sense when danger was coming If Boggis was at Chicken house number 1 he would quickly change route and go to Chicken house number 4 Since the farmers could not catch him Bean had a better idea He thought they could all go to Mr Foxs hole and catch him Once they catch him they will shoot him with the gun and then its bang bang bang This whole part here is my most favorite because he talked about how the farmers were feeling and what they were thinking aboutMr Foxs wife was not happy with him as stealing food was wrong Mr Fox said its alright What Mr Fox did was wrong But I liked him because he was really clever and he could also find solutions to any problem that occurredConclusionThis is a very thrilling and interesting book for kids to read You wont put the book down until you finish reading it I hope you enjoyed my book review Thanks for reading Overall this is my view of the book Mr Fantastic Fox If I were to rate this book out of 10 I would rate it 1010WonderWritten By R J PalacioThe Creative works of Strartists A list of favorite booksimghttpsedisonlmsfss3useast2amazonawscomtenant_strartscab4f12683424e62be151d3b0c1ff97a_1692010942243_unnamed_4jpgHi I am Rachana RejiThis is my book report For my report I have chosen the book wonder This book is very meaningful and please do check it out Now here is my intake of the bookMy book reportWhat I like about the book The way the author describes the main characters feelings world and thoughtsWhat I dislike about the book the way the author describes the bulliesAuthor I feel that the author can express the feelings very well and knows how to get the attention of the readersMy thoughts about this book I think that the book has a lot of feelings normal everyday friendship problems and the author makes the book fascinating by using all her thoughts and what the main character feels she makes it in a way that the readers can feel it too Page by page we will just wanna know whats gonna happen next Its literally that interesting This book got me emotionally excited to find out what happens next in other parts of the story The story was moving in the best way I like this not only because you can express other characters feelings but also there are many people and it is kind of happy and sad at some points I thought that book had a great message I think that the message did not judge people how they look I really like this book It is a kinda sad book but the end is amazing AMAZING GREAT description To tell the truth I read the Wonder book twice and every time tears flowed from my eyes It made me very emotional I really hate reading but this one really hit me it was so so interesting and its pretty much impossible to get me to read and this is the best book ever its my favorite book in the whole wide world First my elder cousins sister read it then passed it to my mother then my mother passed it to me I feel like the book gives a clear prescription of a kid who gets bullied in lifeIf I wanna rate this book I would give it a 1110 It is that good Well I hope you enjoyed my book review Thank youA trailer for the bookThe Creative works of Strartists A list of favorite booksimghttpsedisonlmsfss3useast2amazonawscomtenant_strartscab4f12683424e62be151d3b0c1ff97a_1692010942243_unnamed_5_tmGIn6XjpgThe Creative works of Strartists A list of favorite booksimghttpsedisonlmsfss3useast2amazonawscomtenant_strartscab4f12683424e62be151d3b0c1ff97a_1692010942243_unnamed_6jpgThe Creative works of Strartists A list of favorite booksimghttpsedisonlmsfss3useast2amazonawscomtenant_strartscab4f12683424e62be151d3b0c1ff97a_1692010942243_unnamed_8jpgThe Creative works of Strartists A list of favorite booksimghttpsedisonlmsfss3useast2amazonawscomtenant_strartscab4f12683424e62be151d3b0c1ff97a_1692010942243_unnamed_9jpgIf you are looking to learn Creative Writing strartscourses provides an online platform with Professional Art Instructors to learn the Art form at an affordable price Also learn Bharatanatyam Carnatic Music Drawing Theater Acting Guitar Keyboard Veena Calligraphy in our versatile platform Affordability Quality and EaseofAccess is our MantraTake a Trial Classhttpsstrartscoursestoday to join the growing family of Strartists as we explore and bring Art Education to the new Millennium

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