Extracurricular activities is taking an extra mile in every individual.

Anish Fathima Gulamkadar · Aug 14, 2023 · 2 mins read

With the busy schedules of the present school kids and the parents, it’s typical to get a mind that an extracurricular activity is an extra burden for the kids as well as for the parents. Dwelling on this,

Extracurricular activities are when a kid builds a particular interest other than academics. It opens up a new world for the young roots to have a touch outside their 8–4 school and house atmosphere.

Extracurricular activities is taking an extra mile in every individual.-img

How exactly does an extracurricular activity help in boosting a child?

Extracurriculars can be any specific interest like dance, music, theatre acting, calligraphy, drawing, sports & games, instruments, standup comedy and whatnot. All these build flexibility in the mind to think and execute better, and the same with physical flexibility. We generally know that extracurriculars build

  • self-confidence

  • creative thinking

  • persistence and consistency in a process

  • sportive nature

  • teamwork & community development & many more

Despite knowing these for centuries, we brush them off and run towards a job, which in turn needs the above qualities to thrive and flourish as a person.

Extracurricular activities is taking an extra mile in every individual.-img

Art education plays an essential role in everyone taking the extra mile. Learning an art form develops multiple intelligence in a child shaping them for the best. With appreciating some schools that provide in-school activities, a parent needs to see whether the kid gets balanced exposure to the outer world.

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